And we do mean Your Hosts.  En-Titled-Elite? will feature a series of hosts who will lead you through these stories, interview guests, and share with you the evidence.  We promise it will surprise you just how devious Elits can be from all parts of our world.  

Sign up to  participate in depth before we are even on air!  If you have a favorite personality you would like to nominate for Hosting, send us their name and we will get in touch with them.  Think about it.  Who is tough enough, insightful, takes no flack from anyone and will never stand down?  Some nominees are:
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Tom Hanks

Andrew Kreig

Good guys, all of them.  

Marcus Scriven

Dwayne Johnson

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster
Contact  Producer, Freedom TV Networks, Executive Producer,
En-Titled Elites

Brock d'Avignon
Network Executive Producer