Consider the Question...

Elites come in many kinds today.  Along with the descendants of Monarchs, Dukes, and so forth, we also have Elite Organizations, for instance the Bildebergers.  And then there are the newer kind of elites, case in point corporate officers and those who are descended from recognizable brand corporations.  Presumably, I do not need to name any of them. 

And I do not need to tell you we have also seen the emergence of political elites, who have been assigned this same 'elite' status.  

This show looks at examples of each of these types and poses the question, "What is so special about that.....fill in the blank.   And you can do just that on our Nominating Page.  

Look over the Nominees now on our list, we will be telling you all about them on the show where you can weigh in, offer your own research, and actually view them, either on the show or as we provide insights with out on location reports.  

And now, brief yourself on our roll out story, 

In 1963 Sassoom Saleem Sassoon, in his very early 20s, graduated from the Lapin Brother's School of Beauty, located in Reseda, California.  In case you do not know, this is in the San Fernando Valley.  Cutting hair was very soon accompanied by trademarks, organic hair products, a line of clothing and more.  By 1969 Sassoon Saleem Sassoon had three salons and was opening a fourth in Westwood, near UCLA.  At the time, Vidal X was not licensed to cut hair any where in the United States, not that it should have mattered.  His name was also not Sassoon. 

Then, in June of 1969, this letter, dated June 12, 1969, arrived in the REAL Sassoon's mailbox.

Here is the REAL Sassoon's birth certificate

The story spells out just how ruthless and unconcerned with the law and justice predatory corporations are.  Proctor and Gamble is just one of these.   

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What Elite, in your opinion, most needs to be exposed?   

Our Roll Out Nominees!